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Washington, D.C., Group Hits the Streets to Spread Positive ThinkingMake DC Smile is a unique group in Washington, D.C., that believes in spreading messages of happiness, positive thinking, and love. From uplifting signs for Monday morning commuters to free coffee giveaways, the group’s sole mission is to put a smile on people’s faces. Handwritten signs with messages like “Today is awesome,” “Make today count,” and “Stop overanalyzing” are popping up on street corners in D.C. with the hope of making the world a better place.

Take more than one.


STOP Thinking You Aren’t Good Enough.*Want a copy of this sign? It’s easy and free! Just send us a facebook message or email us at and we’ll send you a copy. You can print it out and post it in your neighborhood so others may benefit from the message.


Today is National Kindness Day. Use this day as an opportunity to show a small act of kindness towards those you love, or better yet, a complete stranger!

My plan is to do more than half of these bucket list items with someone else.  If you’re interested in completing any of these together, let me know and I’ll make sure it happens.

Every item will be crossed off by May 29, 2032.

1.     Get a tattoo.

2.     Make a music video.

3.     Take a cooking class.

4.     Give a waiter/waitress a 100% tip.

5.     Make a hot meal and give it to a homeless person.    

6.     Take part in the Red Bull Flugtag.

7.     Protest something I believe in.

8.     Pay for someone’s groceries.

9.     Learn how to play an instrument (piano).

10.   Give a stranger a $100 bill.

11.   Learn how to sail.

12.   Make a YouTube video that gets 1 million hits.

13.   Drive cross-country.

14.   Throw a surprise party.

15.   Go to Burning Man.

16.   Talk to a group of people about the importance of traveling.

17.   Ride every line on the metro in one day.

18.   See the aurora borealis.

19.   Ride in a hot air balloon.

20.   Visit Machu Picchu.

21.   Be fluent in another language.

22.   Walk a day in the shoes of someone I don’t understand.

23.   Go to the Grand Canyon.

24.   Crash a wedding.

25.   Take a stranger out for dinner.

26.   Ride in a helicopter.

27.   Witness the Serengeti.

28.   Go white water rafting.

29.   Start a charity.

30.   Eat completely local for 1 week.

31.   Attend a event.

32.   Try seven new restaurants in one week.

33.   Have a stoop sale.

34.   Go ice fishing.

35.   Set a Guinness Book of World Record.

36.   Ride the Trans-Siberian railway.

37.   Invent something.

38.   Go on a police ride along.

39.   Be an extra in a movie.

40.   Go to the Brazilian Carnival.

41.   Take a dance class.

42.   Paint on an oil canvas.

43.   Start my own business.

44.   Grow a garden.

45.   Experience being homeless for 24 hours.

46.   Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway.

47.   Visit all 50 states.

48.   Take my photograph on the Bolivian salt flats.

49.   Get a photograph I took, published in a book, newspaper or magazine.

50.   Visit the Amazon rainforest.

51.   Learn to ice skate.

52.   Visit my relatives in Iran.

53.   Hold up the sign, “Honk if you Love Someone” at an intersection.

54.   Cook dinner everyday for one month.

55.   Adopt a street and clean it up once a month for one year.

56.   Teach English in a foreign country.

57.   Attend the taping of a TV show.

58.   Travel to North Korea.

59.   Go to a NASCAR race.

60.   See a penguin in the wild.

61.   Be part of a flash mob.

62.   Visit the Taj Mahal.

63.   Rent an expensive sports car for a day.

64.   Tour with a band.

65.   Volunteer 30 days in one calendar year.

66.   Adopt a pet from an animal shelter.

67.   Fly first class on a plane.

68.   Go on an African safari.

69.   Go diving with a whale shark.

70.   Put a message in a bottle and toss it in the ocean.

71.   Visit a live volcano.

72.   See Daft Punk live in concert.

73.   Visit Cuba.

74.   Shake hands with the President.

75.   Go snowmobiling.

76.   Attend SXSW Music Festival.

77.   Visit the Galapagos Islands.

78.   Take a photography class.

79.   Climb Kilimanjaro.

80.   Go diving in the Maldives.

81.   Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

82.   Speak in front of 100+ people. 

83.   Raise $5,000 at a fundraiser.

84.   Spend time with a dying person.

85.   Get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and find my way back home.

86.   Be vegan for 1 month.

87.   Complete a bucket list item with a celebrity.

88.   Help a friend fulfill a bucket list item.

89.   Photograph an endangered species.

90.   Learn to surf.

91.   Donate or throw away half of my possessions.

92.   Attend a Washington Capitals Stanley Cup game.

93.   Write a letter to someone who has changed my life.

94.   Make pasta from scratch.

95.   Attend the rodeo in Houston, Texas.

96.   Sneak into an exclusive event.

97.   Swim in the Dead Sea.

98.   Visit all 7 continents.

99.   Help cure someone’s addiction.

100. Finish every item on this bucket list.

Day #365: 1 Year. 52 Weeks. 365 Days.

Day #364: Tunnel to 2012

Day #363: One Item. Long Receipt. Everytime.

Day #362: Layers

Day #361: Tequila Sunrise

Day #360: "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

Day #359: Sunburst